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Our Premium Services

Live Event Screen Printing Services

We're the first & only Mobile Screen Printing truck fleet in the world.
Indoor or Outdoor Events, we have screen printing solutions for any
event venue. We can screen print t-shirts for your guests from outdoor
concerts to the convention center. Our exclusive Pop-Up Presses have a smaller footprint and can be set up in any venue or setting.


Custom In-House Printing & Embroidery

We have production facilities in Denver, Colorado, L.A. & San Diego and can ship nationwide. Our in house services include: - Custom Screen Printing T-shirts and other apparel.
- Custom Embroidery on hat's, polo's & patches.
- Custom Vinyl for signage, Heat Press Vinyl & stickers.


Mobile Branding & Advertising

With so many eyes on our vehicles, your company’s graphics or brand is sure to get noticed! Get the most return on your advertising dollars with guaranteed active engagement. Mobile Vending, Advertising and Experiential Out of House (OOH) Marketing are becoming the new trend. In fact, Mobile Media captures 6X more impressions than traditional billboard advertising.

Our new Scan2Print app is a BIG hit!

We've just released our white label, Scan2Print app that allows the guest to customize their own t-shirt from their own phone. Here's how it works:
- The guests of your event scan a unique event QR code.
- They input their name, email and phone number.
- Then they can drag & drop the event designs where they want on the shirt.
- The order goes to our Live Screen Printing Technicians and once the print is completed the guest receives a text notification that their order is ready for pick up.

The benefits of the app is it gives the user a unique branded experience that encourages social distancing all while allowing them to create their very own, unique garment.

Nationwide Coverage / Multiple Team & Truck Locations | LOS ANGELES - SAN DIEGO - LAS VEGAS - DENVER - AUSTIN - NASHVILLE

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Mobile Media Marketing Campaigns get 6X more impressions than traditional billboard advertising.

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Mobile Experiential Truck Fleet Uses:

- Mobile Event Screen Printing
- AR, Augmented Reality Experience
- Mobile Billboard Truck
- Experietial Marketing Truck
- Campaign Awareness Vehicle
- Mobile Advertising Truck
- Music/Album Release Branding
- Mobile Pop-Up Shop
- Mobile Event Campaigns
- Hot Spot Pop-Up Activations
- New Artist Campaigns
- Mobile Branding
- Ice Cream Social Truck

Our Truck Fleet & Teams are Nationwide

Don't see a truck in the city that your
activation is in? No worries, we have transport services and can ship
custom wrapped or fabricated trucks to any city in the continental U.S.,
just ask!

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