"Support Local" T-shirts - Donating to those affected by the Boulder Marshall Fires

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The Marshall Fires have burned down over 600 family homes and 35,000 residence have been evacuated and displaced moving into 2022. These people in and around the Boulder area are in need of resources to help rebuild these communities. Together, we can help with every t-shirt purchase!

What You Get:

You get our buttery soft, high quality, cotton/poly blended unisex t-shirt(s) with the "Support Local" design, hand screen printed on your choice of the front or back.

What We Give:

60% or $15 of every t-shirt sold will be donated directly to the ColoradoGives.org relief fund for the Marshall Fires. We cover our costs of goods and shipping and the remainder is donated directly to the cause every Friday.

To ensure transparency and donation amounts, we will post weekly on our The Silk Screen Machine, Facebook page how much we've donated to date.

It works like this:
You place an order for a t-shirt ->
Every Friday, 60% or $15 of the collected $$ will be donated to the coloradogives.org ->
We then print your t-shirt and ship every Friday so you should receive it within 1 week.

If you'd like to donate and not purchase a t-shirt you can do so here: