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Custom “BLURB” Face Masks

$16.00 $20.00

Custom “BLURB” Face Masks
Custom “BLURB” Face Masks Custom “BLURB” Face Masks Custom “BLURB” Face Masks

Let's face it, no one really wants to wear a mask. Masks are an uncomfortable and annoying fact of life that none of us enjoy so why not make the best of it and customize your mask with a BLURB.

- Enter your BLURB (2 to 3 word maximum) in the comment section of the check out page and we'll customize your mask(s).
- 1 BLURB per order please!
- Once your order is received our creative team will place your BLURB on your mask. Our creative process allows for maximum use of the coverage area.

- If your BLURB is too long in text we'll contact by email to tweak until it's able to fit the coverage area.
- If your BLURB is considered too offensive by our creative team we will refund your order so if you have any questions about it in advance, please email


- This mask is a 100% soft cotton 2 ply that fits around your nose and chin with 2 loops that go over your ears. It is not meant to be worn in a surgical setting and we do not, under any circumstances suggest that this will keep you from contracting any disease. This is strictly a novelty item intended for use when in mandated areas.
- All sales are final.
- User takes full responsibility to wear as manufacturer intended.