Terms & Conditions

*Using credit or debit card a 3.9% processing fee will be added to the balance due for credit or debit payments.

Keep in mind! Every computer/phone displays color different along with how every individual perceives color.
At no charge, we will do our best to visually color match from digital design to physical print. If the exact color is essential to the design, we will do a PMS color match for $75.
Please submit print ready artwork Vector or High Resolution format sized to physical print. If we have to alter your graphic in anyway, there will be a $75 Graphic Design fee added to your invoice. If we vectorize your graphic, a digital copy of the vector file will be sent to you with your order.

The Silk Screen Machine has a NO REFUND policy. If we print anything other than what is stated on your invoice or mock up we will re-print your order but no money will be refunded. Please double check your final invoice and mock up to ensure you will receive exactly what you've ordered. Due to the screen printing/embroidery process there is a possible 2% spoilage rate.

Client Provided Items - You are welcome to provide your own products for embellishment, although we cannot guarantee the items not ordered through our wholesale system. We do not charge for any misprinted piece, but we can’t replace an imperfect product (whether print or garment flaw), due to the nature of apparel and printing production.

***NO REFUND ON RUSH ORDERS*** We do not refund any money on rush orders for any reason. All rush orders must be paid in full upfront. Once this invoice is paid you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.

RileyCure Tabletop Infrared Conveyor Dryer

We're excited to be one of the first shops to showcase the RileyCure Table Top Conveyor Dryer
Top Benefits:
- Perfect unit for larger scale Live Screen Printing Events
- Perfect entry-level conveyor dryer
- Low-level requirements for assembly
- This unit will increase your shops output meaning more $$$ for you!

  • 4 color 1 station beginner professional beginning screen printing press

    Riley Hopkins 150 Screen Printing Press (4 Color 1 Station)

    Are you ready to invest in screen printing success? The Riley Hopkins 150 will establish the foundation for your new side business. Pro Tip: This press is ideal for Live Event Screen Printing!

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  • FN/INK - Professional Screen Printing Ink

    This combo saves screen printers time and money by bundling two of the most popular ink colors in one awesome package. Save yourself a few clicks and a few bucks with this combo deal.

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  • cheap flash cure unit screen printing shirts

    Flash Dryer 16"x16"

    After you screen print your design you have to cure it. This Flash Dryer is perfect for new print shops or for those needing a backup flash dryer. Heat up production today with the RileyFlash 1616.

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The Silk Screen Machine FN/INK Ink Mixing Systems

FN⚡️INK Mixing System Ink Kit

FN-INK™ helps screen printers that don’t have a lot of extra time or money, get the most effective and economical plastisol ink. With the FN-INK™ Mixing System, printers can mix almost any Pantone Coated Color while having the option to use the colors straight from the container.

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  • Riley Hopkins 150 Complete Screen Printing Kit

    The kit has everything you need — a press, flash dryer, exposure unit,
    screens, squeegees, inks, chemicals, and more. Loaded with top-notch
    equipment and supplies from brands like Riley Hopkins®, Baselayr®, Sgreen®, and FN-INK™, you can count on producing high quality prints right from the start.