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The Silk Screen Machine Dream
In 2012 the creator and founder, Troy D. had a dream that he was chasing an ice cream truck and when he got up to the window he ordered a Rocket Pop and a Fudgcicle. Instead of handing him ice cream they screen printed t-shirts right there, directly off of the truck. Troy immediately woke from the dream and went to Google search for Mobile Screen Printing Truck and nothing came up in the results so, he build it. This was just the beginning of what is now the first and only live screen printing truck fleet in the world.
The Silk Screen Machine has screen printed live for thousands of events all over the country and is expanding it's reach globally. In 2018 they introduced wrapping their vehicles with companies logo's (see case study with Ray-Ban here) to maximize the live event screen printing experience and client visibility.
In 2019, The Silk Screen Machine will release another new first when they launch an experiential marketing platform that the world has never seen before merging old school screen printing with new technologies. Stay tuned and in the meantime follow our latest live activations on social media. 
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You can watch the first truck in action below:



We provide live event screen printing and experiential marketing at events, conferences, conventions, festivals, brand/campaign launches and concerts. The benefit of on-site live printing is that you're not left with tons of over printed items like with bulk custom t-shirt printing, especially for time stamped event such as marathons/walks, concerts, conferences & festivals.

T-shirts are screen printed off the mobile screen printing trucks just like a food truck or we have pop-up screen printing presses and dryers that we can set up for indoor events. Experiential marketing at it's best! Your attendees will be engaged and amazed. There's nothing else like us on the planet.

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